Why Buy from Honey Buckets?

Our bees are free-range, grass-fed, union workers — but, the apiary is not an Equal Opportunity Employer.  In this operation the women literally do all the work. The males are incapable of foraging for food or even feeding themselves. The male bees only job is to mate with a Queen.  The females care for the queen, tend the hive, take care of the males, make all the honey and do about 1,000 other tasks. In order to produce 1 pound of honey, the female workers fly 55,000 miles and visit 2 million flowers.

Raw, treatment free honey.

Our honey is kosher, gluten free, fat free, cholesterol free and sodium free. It is also chemical free — both by principle, and by laziness. Most all beekeepers treat their hives to kill varroa mites. You can rest easy knowing the bees and honey were not subject to chemical treatments.


The honey we have in stock was carefully crafted by the workers caste under  Queen BeeYoncé, or the late Queen Elizabeth. Two varieties available. A light  colored honey that is “June Honey”. The old timers say “Honey in June is worth a Silver Spoon.” The darker “goldenrod honey” was harvested in the fall—more robust flavor.

Our Team…



VP for Sting Research

NH's worst beekeeper. Making NH's finest honey.


Chrissy, Tommy and Michael

Our CFO, with our the Honey Tasters

Consuming 60 lbs. of honey a year!


Merlin. 2005 - 2018

President Emeritus

A delightful and charming fellow. The most loyal companion, with a Frisbee obsession.



Director of naps

A tolerable buffoon with a penchant for wallowing in stanky mud holes.

Seen in and around Honey Buckets Apiary…


Spring Forage

Our bees love apples and lilacs in the Spring



Tommy is second in line to the Honey Buckets Throne. He's a keeper.


A Frame of Honey

The bees are just finishing the wax cappings on this frame.


Fall, Summer and Spring honey

Bear 1

Ursus americanus

This absolute unit raised hell in the apiary for a few nights last year. She is back this year with 3 cubs.



Bees foraging in the herb garden.


The Queen

A gorgeous Queen Bee.


Empty Frames

Frames hanging in the shop.

There is only one real reason to keep bees, and that is because they are fascinating. If you just want honey, make friends with a beekeeper.
-Adrian the Bee Man, Aussie Beekeeper